4:13 was created to empower children in emerging nations with opportunities that would transform their lives from poverty to possibilities.  Through our organization and the contributions provided, 4:13 has been able to do the following:

    • Support the 80 children at Cheryl’s Children’s Home Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya with food, water, housing and health needs.
    • Fund the educational tuition for Kenyan students who live at Cheryl’s Orphanage.
  • Fund the construction of a new Outdoor Classroom and Learning Center in the Guatemalan village of Zacapa.
Over the past year 5 more students have had the opportunity to attend High School and College in Nairobi , Kenya.  The gifts that have been given to 4:13 have empowered children through education to break through the boundaries of poverty.

Clean water has been a focus of our work in Guatemala over the past year.  Providing local residents of Pueblo Modelo with water catch systems and water purification systems has given families with children a new lease on life!

Construction projects for safety at Cheryl’s Children’s Home and for education in Meru, Kenya has allowed for children to grow beyond the limits of poverty.

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