Who We Are

4:13 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization created to assist children in emerging nations who struggle with the effects of poverty.   Through the means of empowerment and support, we promote healing, health and hope.


What We Do

Our organization helps to support and empower the lives of children in emerging nations.  We are currently working with orphanages and impoverished communities within two continents: Africa and Central America.


Get Involved

Every gift goes to help a child. Your donation will change lives and promote bright futures for children globally.  Donate to a project, the cause, or sponsor a child!


current projects:

  • cheryls

Cheryl’s Children’s Home – Nairobi, Kenya

4:13 has resourced food, clean water, education, medical care, and abundant love through a dedicated staff to the children of Cheryl's.

  • school

Providing Educational Resources in Meru, Kenya!

Over this past year, your support added four new classrooms to the Kathithi School in Meru, Kenya.

Children Matter!  

The mission of 4:13 is to empower children from poverty to possibility! The effect of poverty in emerging nations suppresses the social-emotional and physical growth of children. They cannot develop into the healthy individuals God desires them to be.

4:13 brings hope to children across the globe. How? By providing food and clean water, education opportunities, healthcare, and a future that will allow little lives to grow strong and develop into outstanding adults!

Over this past year, 4:13 has impacted children’s lives by engaging projects that effect positive change. God has invited us along for the journey of a lifetime! We invite you to join us in this life changing mission that will empower children to realize life-sustaining possibilities!

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Get Involved

We Invite you to join us in this life changing mission!

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