Child Sponsorship is one way you can help a child move from poverty to possibilities.

4:13 has a list of orphaned children in Kenya, residing at Cheryl’s Children’s Home, who need monthly care and tuition support.

Monthly care provides food, clean water, clothing needs, and medical care.
Tuition support opens the door to educational opportunities, since attending school in Kenya requires school fees at all levels.

How Can You Help?  

  1. Sponsor a child for monthly health & hygiene needs: $35 per month
  1. Sponsor a child for monthly school fees: $75 per month
  1. Sponsor a child for monthly health/hygiene & tuition support: $110 per month

When you sponsor a child through 4:13 you will begin to establish a “living relationship” with a child in Africa.

4:13 will provide you with a picture of your sponsored child as well as an understanding of their life story. Personal updates, including correspondence from your child, pictures, and health/education information from the Orphanage will also be included.

Sponsor A Child

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