Our organization helps to support and empower the lives of children in emerging nations.

We are currently working with orphanages and impoverished communities within two continents: Africa and Central America. Funds received are used to empower the lives of these children through the following resources and support: 

  • Food & Clean Water
    We fund sponsored orphanages with meals each month to provide nourishment for everyday life. We also make sure that clean water is available to the children who are cared for at sponsored orphanages.
  • Clothing
    4:13 funds are used to ensure that each child has clean clothing and required school uniforms as they grow in years.
  • Health Supplies
    We make regular contributions of heath supplements and medication to sponsored orphanages and identified villages.
  • Education
    4:13 resources fund the building of new education spaces for children to learn in a safer environment. We also fund the tuition for students who choose to pursue higher education for a future filled with possibility!

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