4:13 has had sustained impact in Zacapa, Guatemala by providing children and families with clean water, basic hygiene instruction, and an Outdoor Classroom and Learning Center.

Forty-three water filter systems have been installed in homes.  Each filter is connected to a water catch system. This is a continuing effort by 4:13 to supply clean water and health education to the people of Pueblo Modelo, a poverty-stricken area within Zacapa, Guatemala. A quote from one of our partners shares how basic hygiene was taught via ping pong balls, representing germs, placed in buckets to demonstrate how easily disease spreads:

“One of the girls taught a lesson about germs, how germs are in the water, how germs can be bad for your health and how germs could potentially get you sick and make you miss school.”

Through our partnership with Hearts in Motion, an Outdoor Classroom and Learning Center was constructed in a village on the outskirts of Zacapa, Guatemala. A mission trip to this village revealed the need for a sheltered area in which to teach as well as tables and chairs for the children. This classroom not only serves as a Learning Center but also as a sheltered space for medical clinics and other community needs.

4:13 also provides vitamin supplements and other medicines for children in the region of Zacapa, Guatemala.