Betty is a ninth grade student at a high school in Nairobi, Kenya. She dreams of becoming a teacher. Betty writes, “Thank you for the support you have been giving me. I really thank God for all of you. Always know that you are the most important people in my life.”

Living at an orphanage known as Cheryl’s Children’s Home, in Nairobi, Kenya, Betty is receiving key nutrition and health services to ensure her well-being. As the smile on her face indicates, Betty is an eager learner and is also realizing her academic potential because of your gifts to 4:13.


Kevin has been supported by 4:13 since its inception. As a resident of Cheryl’s Children’s Home, he received the necessary health care and emotional/social/spiritual encouragement that inspired his application to higher education. Now 4:13 is providing Kevin with the needed support to attend college in Nairobi. Your financial gifts are enabling this motivated young man to reach his goal of becoming an accountant so that he can achieve adult independence and encourage other orphans to move from poverty to possibilities!